Clatsop County Firefighters Association

Together We Will Help

The mission of the Clatsop County Firefighters Association is to offer and coordinate fire and EMS training opportunities and events; to promote county-wide fire safety and prevention activities; and to facilitate and promote camaraderie, cooperation, and professionalism between the dedicated fire service organizations that serve and protect the Citizens of Clatsop County.

Thank you for visiting the Clatsop County Firefighters Association's web site. Here you will find useful information about our member organizations, classes, class registration, meetings, news, and events. Please visit the course information and registration page to see a list of classes that are currently available.

Who We Are.

The Clatsop County Firefighters Association was formed to promote unity, provide training, and encourage camaraderie in the Clatsop County fire service.  Every firefighter, paid, volunteer, and temporary in Clatsop County is counted as a member.

Over time the CCFA has evolved to become the fire service training organization in Clatsop County.  We sponsor structural and wildland fire classes as well as classes that address EMS, rescue, and whatever other needs may arise.  We also provide prevention resources to our member organizations.


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